An Autobiographical Exploration of a Touch of Doubt

An interview on how my philosophy of touch is influenced by experiences of growing up in evangelical purity culture, queer love, and harassment in academia. Thank you, Ari, for the profound questions.

Ari Barbalat. October 27, 2022. “An Interview with Rachel Aumiller on A Touch of Doubt.” New Books Network.


A Hesitant Caress

A talk about solitude during the pandemic, mourning the loss of an old way of being-together, confronting self-doubt, and the complications of rekindled intimacy after the experience of separation.

Rachel Aumiller. “A Hesitant Caress: An Ethics of Intimacy with Irigaray.” Naming Touch. ICI Berlin. June 28, 2022.

Suspending Touch

My introduction to a discussion on haptic dogmatism and skepticism with Bara Kolenc, Jacob Levi, Goran Vranesevic, Eylul Iscen, and Sarath Jakka. You can watch the entire event in link below. How are beliefs inscribed on our skin? What kind of haptic experiences disrupt our certainty in the rightness of our touch?

Suspending Touch: Haptic Skepticism for Life During a Pandemic. ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry. May 20, 2021
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