My courses confront pressing ethical and political issues by drawing on the history of philosophy with a focus on continental thought. As a teacher, I play the role of the skeptic, often leading my students into a space of initial undecidability. I assure them that if they dwell with a challenge long enough, it will not necessarily become easier, but their discomfort with complexity will transform into pleasure as their own thinking becomes more complex.

Columbia University

Institute for the Study of Sexuality and Gender | Core Curriculum

Feminist Theory

What is the relationship between politics and our deepest emotions, intimate encounters, and secret fantasies?


image: Lyle Ashton Harris from Musser’s Sensual Excess

Literature Humanities

Challenging the myth of the origins and primacy of the West through the lens of comparative religion, politics, gender, race, and decolonial theory.


image: William Blake

Universität Hamburg | Department of Philosophy

Advanced Undergraduate & Graduate Courses

Hegels Herr-Knecht-Dialektik

Wir werden Hegels Narrativ genauer unter die Lupe nehmen, indem wir künstlerische Darstellungen von asymmetrischen Machtverhältnissen heranziehen, die sich mit Themen wie Sexualität, Geschlecht und Race beschäftigen.

Sponsored by the Goethe-Institut. More information.

image: © Isaac Julien

Existential Ontology and Ethics

Developing an ethics that encompasses Being-in-Solitude and Being-with-Others. What is our responsibility to the other in both isolation and in the process of coming together?


image: Les otages © Jean Fautrier

Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy

The development of European philosophy against the backdrop of world wars. Can theory respond to historical crisis & trauma?


image: Shalekhet © Menashe Kadishman

Environmental Ethics

Comparing ethical frameworks with a focus on a Marxist-Feminist approach to sustainability. Why is saving the planet about power relations?


image: the Bakken oil region, NASA’s Terra satellite

The Ego & The Skin

Feminist and psychoanalytic perspectives on the formation of subjectivity through touch. How do we first come to grasp our skin as our own? How can we reclaim our own skin when this sense of self has been violated?


Repetition & Revolutions

Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Philosophy of History with a focus on responses to Hegel and Marx. Does history repeat itself?


Image: © Donatien Mary

The Comedy of Politics

A course in political philosophy and aesthetics with a focus on political satire. Can art seriously challenge political corruption?


Villanova University | Departments of Philosophy & Ethics

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Ethics

Comparing major ethical frameworks with a focus on Catholic Virtue Ethics. What virtues are required for the challenges of the 21st century?


image: The Welcoming Hands © Louise Bourgeois

Introduction to Philosophy

Tracing the history of Western philosophy through dialogues, soliloquies, and manifestos. How can philosophy represent the needs and desires of our self and community?


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